The Door

Turkey 2016 / 12'06"
English Subtitles
Director Emre Kılınç
Cast Tolga Girgin, Neşe Hepsevigen, Ogün Duman, Çağrı Odabaşı, Amir Karabuğday, Canan Bilgiç, Rıza Çekirge, Ekin Ekinci, Dilber Yavaş, Ömür Gürgen, Demir Caçtaş

Efgan is a single guy who lives alone. His sister Hale is married and is living in another city due to her work. Efgan's relationship with his father is superficial. One day his mother calls and tell him that she will be going to visit his sister and invites him to come. Efgan goes along unwillingly. His sisters colleagues are also invited to dinner...

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