Turkey 2015 / 2'35"
English Subtitles
Director Sedef Hızlan
Cast Gülce Baydar, Sinan Karabulut, İdil Dilber, Sinan Arkan, Sedef Hızlan

In Islamic marriages, Henna Night is a ritual of tattooing the hands of the bride a night before the wedding. According to Turkish traditions, only women can attend Henna Night and they sing the song “Yüksek Yüksek Tepeler” (The High Hills) to make the bride cry, because she is leaving her family home. Paracosm, opens with the nightmare-like sequence of a Henna Night. In the midst of the short film, the protagonist drowns and finds herself in a daydream. Paracosm is dedicated to the memory of Magritte, whose works have always been an inspiration.

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