UK 2016 / 13'
English Subtitles
Director Günalp Koçak
Cast Lisa - Jessica Jay, James - Oliver Hall, Bistro Owner - George Savvides, Doctor - Anwen Bull, Tristan - Stanley Warbrick, Giovanni - Andrea de Santis, Gemma - Diana Golovko, Sarah from BBA - Sarah Wildgoose, Orhan's mother - Sual Koşak, Orhan - Günalp Koşak

London. 2008. A foreign man ORHAN stands underneath a bridge. His hands clench the railings which overlook the river Thames. He remembers how he got there. Months earlier: an unexpected phone call from his ex-girlfriend's sister Lisa unsettles him: his ex Gemma is ill and he has a son, Tristan. Prompted back to the UK, Orhan has to face his responsibilities and look after his son. Whilst taking up a position as a cleaner, he has to endure the daily humiliation of his sadistic boss James. As things go from bad to worse, Orhan's strength is tested to its limitations.

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