Turkey 2016 / 03'28"
English Subtitles
Director Yaşar Bedri Özdemir
Cast Gamze Özçeker, Yusuf Küçükosman, Süleyman Sırtkaya

Inheritance and interface are key concepts in programming based on object. We program it to produce a cloned human prototype that attempts to mechanize the inheritance and interface technology that the tenologist imposes on us (despite the pure hearted person) for a more modern chaos. Dresses the person with a uniform dress, tries to close it to a huge shop; This person transforms the effort to become an individual. A person who does not object to being a serum is a predatory technology. People do not want to shape the world as a place to live. We can say that the world has come out of control and it has become impossible to make a shape according to people. This burgeoning technology is out of control, darkening our soul. A struggling woman who does not want to suffer is a part of life in this world. Objected to the seductive world, rushing humanity without an aim and aim, we see it as innocent, but when it comes to technology, it comes as a story of barbarization.

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