Hack Two Three Four

Hack İki Üç Dört
UK 2016 / 07'08"
English Subtitles
Director Vedat Enginsoy
Cast Researchers: Oznur Cifci, James Joseph Simpkin, Christie Bradshaw, Teenagers: Swithun Baguma, Rheece Ricketts, Chinese Man: Matthew Leonhart, Turkish Driver: Ali La, Nurse: Carianne Dunford, Hackers: Esra Demirci, Nedim Enginsoy, Yesim Sami, Tim Hammersley, Yilmaz Sami, Undercover Officer: Anino Ikimi, Stunt Driver, Ali Enginsoy

After a rumour emerged of the government injecting personalities into citizens of London, a group of researchers seek to inform the public.

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