The Fall from Heaven

Cennetten Kovulmak
Turkey 2014 / 1h 28min
English, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian Subtitles / Drama
Director Ferit Karahan
Cast Ezgi Asaroglu, Rojin Tekin, Gülistan Acet

Emine works as electrical engineer in a construction site where mostly Kurdish workers are employed. After the death of her brother in a clash during his military service, she starts to behave the workers including the illegally employed worker Kursad who is secretly in love with her, like enemies. When Kursat dies in a work accident, nobody claims his dead body. Emine was reluctant to send Kursat's dead body to his family. Ayse, on the other hand, the daughter of a large Kurdish family living in a village in Mus, feels admiration for Istanbul owned to the stories she heard from her teacher and watched on TV. One of Ayse's brothers and her sister join guerrilla because of the counter-guerrilla oppression experienced in the area and the murder of their brother Mehmet by gendarme forces. Ayse is left alone with her mother and father. The film tells the intertwined stories of Emine, who is torn in between her conscious and the pressure of her surrounding, and Ayse, who moves to her dream city, Istanbul out of necessity.

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