Don’t Tell Orhan Pamuk That His Novel Snow Is In The Film I Made About Kars

Orhan Pamuk’a Söylemeyin Kars’ta Çektiğim Filmde Kar Romani da Var
Turkey 2016 / 1h 18min
English Subtitles / Drama, Mystery, War
Director Rıza Sönmez
Cast Yüksel Ermutlu, İsrafil Parlak, Vildan Atasever

Yuksel is a blind singer living in Kars. He has to organize a gig for his customers. Unfortunately the best musicians have to go to another city for a folk dance competition. He desperately searches for new musicians. Barber Kazım takes photos of people who resemble the characters in the novel Kar by Orhan Pamuk. He prints them on postcards but some people living in Kars are not very happy with the novel, which is focused on their city. Kazım is having a hard time, trying to convince them. As the story unfolds, we also meet three angels and a goose catcher boy.

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