Sıkıntı "Karabasan"
Turkey 2016 / 7'33"
English Subtitles
Director Gizem Kızıl
Cast Esra Ruşan

Melisa is in depression. One night she has a nervous breakdown. She takes sleeping pills and falls asleep. Her sleep becomes her nightmare. She goes back and forth in states of dreaming and wakefulness. She is haunted by a Blackmare. She cannot discern whether this is for real. Is she still dreaming while thinking she finally woke up? Blackmare goes round in her room and as it wakes Melisa up, it tries to make her feel its presence. Her power is drained with the effect of all those sleeping pills. Exhausted by her fighting back, Melisa surrenders and gives up. At that very moment, Blackmare comes back.

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