As If Waiting for Godot

Godot'yu Bekler Gibi
Turkey 2016 / 15'20"
English Subtitles
Director Sezer Ağgez
Cast Umut Sokolovic, Melisa Meryem Demirbilek, Mertcan Bilal

Kadim is a person who lives last days of his youth and has a constant, humdrum life between home and work. He spends his life in day time by working in a small newsstand which belongs the him, and also at nights by drinking stuff in a pub where usually goes. This whole thing feels very heavy to him but Kadim doesn't prefer to resist and to do nything how to get rid of this whole burden. He continues to wait for a miraculous solution. But one day an unexpected event will happen, this will push him through an extraordinary result.

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